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Carriage House

The creation of the carriage house was a wonderful collaboration between the client, the architect, Steve Normand, and builder. The owners' first priority was to design a carriage house to complement their historic Italianate home. The owners traveled around midcoast Maine taking pictures of carriage houses. They realized that many of the examples looked like large boxes that didnʼt complement the home. This became the focal point of the design process. The owners wanted a building with all the amenities of new construction that looked as if it had been there for over a hundred years. The corbels are an excellent example of the attention to detail and craftsmanship of Anthony Keefe Builders. A template was made of the corbels of the 1875 Italianate home. Each one was handcrafted and placed in proportion to the historic home. The exterior colors were chosen to match the brick home. The interior of the carriage house is a luxurious guest suite.