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The Bates House

The Bates House is an iconic Victorian Cottage style home. The historic home has long been recognized for the detailed shingle patterns, stain glass windows, and rounded front porch trim. The owners wanted to restore the house to its original beauty with some modern improvements. All of the exterior shingles were replaced matching the original design. The trim on the porch was rebuilt and replaced as well.

The carriage house was originally built on a stone foundation with a wooden floor. The owners wanted to make this a useable space attached to the house. The carriage house was raised 10 feet in order to excavate underneath and pour a foundation. The carriage house was carefully lowered to the new foundation, and a breezeway was built joining the two buildings. A guest suite was constructed on the second floor of the carriage house, utilizing the space.

The interior was remodeled with just as much attention to detail as the exterior. The floors were sanded and refinished, and the walls resurfaced. Window and crown moldings were custom made to match the original in all the remodeled rooms.

The homeowners wanted to enhance the outside of the property with stonework. A two-tiered stone wall was built defining the backyard. Large stones were machine placed. Three layers of stone were placed leveling the yard for the first tier. Flat stones were hand laid on top of the large stones creating a border for the patio. Blue stone pavers finished the patio for a beautiful outdoor seating area. The driveway was laid with pavers in a herringbone pattern making a beautiful entrance to the home.

The final product is a testament to the hard work and collaboration of the homeowners, Anthony Keefe and crew, a designer Fred Hahn.